Strobes on my QUIK

I had been looking for a set of strobes for the Quik:

  • I looked at the Microavionics ones: Expensive and (IMHO) Pug Ugly
  • I looked at the Skybeacon ones: Cheaper than MA, but still expensive at £115 each. Look nicer than MA
  • I found ones that look almost identical to the Skybeacon ones from REDTRONIC. These ones are even better, because they don’t have a separate ballast – it’s all incorporated in the very small head. It has 19 variations of flash patterns, and comes with a 2 year warranty – waterproof and dustproof.

There are 9 x LED’s (CREE) in a triangular pattern.

When compared side by side with a set from SKY Beacon, and they look identical when on.

My preference was the white bezel to match the writing – but they also do black – and maybe a chrome.

After I put them on there was no interference to the radio at all. I wired it up directly to the battery, via a dashboard switch, as per the mod requirements.

Redtronic are the manufacturer

product link HERE

The Mod form can be downloaded from the BMAA  HERE  (TIL 107)

This needs to be signed off by an Inspector and submitted to the BMAA. They will check and return it to you when passed.

** Note – The BMAA wanted to see how i had secured the cables inside the Wheel Spats. Photos were ok.

Click HERE to see some wing strobes on a GT450