Annual Permit To Fly

A microlight needs an annual Permit to Fly – similar to the MOT for a car.  (SSDR’s are different)

This annual inspections must be performed by a registered BMAA Inspector. The permit lasts for 12 month, but can be performed up to 60 days before the expiry, and still retain the renewal date (so effectively you can have a permit that is valid for 14 months).

Here is a LINK for what is covered on a Permit

Once the aircraft has passed the inspection, it also requires a “Check-Flight”. Until recently, this had to be performed by a registered check-flight BMAA inspector (could be different from the Permit instructor). This has now been changed and check flight can be performed by any qualified pilot. A pre-determined set of checks need to be performed and results documented. Personally, i much prefer to get someone more qualified than me to do it as a double check of the performance and handling of the trike.

Here is a LINK for what is covered on the check flight.

LINK to all the details on the BMAA site for more in-depth details and also download the  latest forms.