SSDR (Single Seat DeRegulated)


Basically, an SSDR is a microlight which conforms to the following criteria:

  • Has only 1 seat
  • Has a maximum take-off mass of no more than 300kg
  • Has a stall speed not exceeding 35 knots.

The CAA decided in 2014 that single-seat fixed wing microlight aeroplanes no longer need to be regulated for airworthiness purposes, which means they dont need an annual permit (like an MOT) or requirement to pay fee for same.


Although it is mandatory to comply with the Rules of the Air,  registered single seat microlights (SSDRs below 300kg) are not required to hold a C of A or Permit to Fly.

  • An SSDR pilot requires a microlight pilot licence
  • The SSDR must be registered with the CAA and display registration number (same as a flexwing)
  • Can only be flown VFR (visual Flight Rules – same as Flexwing)
  • Private use only

P & M Aviation sell a flexwing version of an SSDR called a Quik-Lite. Details HERE