Glove Lanyard

While flying a flexwing, you sometimes need to take off your glove to operate the radio/Sat nav / Camera. It’s always been a worry to me that i could drop it, meaning it will at best be lost, at worst go into the prop and cause some damage. The fact that my gloves are Gerbing heated ones, that’s another expense i don’t need 🙁

I bought one from Fleabay for £3.50 (just search tool lanyard) I only bought 1, because i only ever need to take 1 glove off. It works a treat, and means i can just pull the glove off and drop it, to do what i need to do. Simple ideas are always the best 🙂

You can just see the lanyard on this pic. It velcros onto my wrist (better than the ones that dont) There are swivels on it as well, so it doesn’t get tangled up.