Owning a flexwing

When you own your own flexwing, there are several things that you MUST do and a few things that you SHOULD do:



you Must have insurance. Its the same as driving a car, you need a basic third party insurance to cover any damage you might do. You can also purchase hull insurance ( same as fully comp) to cover any damage of your own aircraft. In the case of a syndicate, it is really a necessity.  It means that any damage caused by any named pilot, will be covered, and the aircraft will be repaired in case of an accident.

Annual permit

Your aircraft requires an annual permit, which is similar to a car MOT. Basically, an authorized tester  must inspect your aircraft at least once a year, and give it a comprehensive check to make sure it is fit to fly. The aircraft must also be flown by a “check pilot” to make sure it flies safely. Some testers are qualified to check flight, and some are not. This means you could have 1 person checking the aircraft, and someone different taking it for a check flight. The check flight must be completed within 30 days of the annual inspection.

All documentation must be returned to the BMAA for issue of the permit. ** The owner or the designated contact of a syndicate of the aircraft MUST be a member of the BMAA to receive the annual permit

Radio Licence

If the aircraft has a radio installed, it needs to have a licence. The Owner, or a syndicate member, must be in possession of a radio licence, obtainable from the CAA. Currently a licence for a mobile FM radio, installed in a microlight will cost £20 for 3 years.


Any modifications to a flexwing aircraft will require a modification certificate to prove that the changes are safe and approved. See MODIFICATIONS for more information. This can include adding basics such as a landing light, radio or 12v  outlet for GPS.


There are 2 different log books for a pilot/aircraft owner:

A personal Pilot log book which the pilot should record all flying hours, dates, aircraft, times and running total of hours.

An aircraft log book, which should reflect engine running times, airframe time, date, times and pilot. This log book should also include any service work carried out on the aircraft.

Non Compulsory – Advised


Owners are permitted to service their own aircraft as long as they have the suitable knowledge. Any servicing work carried out on the aircraft should be logged in the aircraft log book. Any competent person can perform service work on a flexwing aircraft, however it should be countersigned by a second competent person if not a qualified service person.

Regular Checks

All flights should be subject to a pre-flight check. This should be checked from a check list to make sure that nothing is missed. There is a downloadable checklist on this website.