Fitting a strobe for a landing light

After i added the strobes to the wheel spats on the Quik, i was so impressed with them, i decided to look to a landing light. I was tempted to go for a strobe, but every other Flexwing i had seen had a standard light, rather than a strobe. I went to the microlight forum and asked the question, and the general consensus was that although unusual, there was no reason why not.

I bought one of Joe’s “BX61” models, along with a mounting bracket. Having installed it now, I’m really pleased with the result. Again, these are the same idea as the spat strobes: 5 years warranty, 100% waterproof, and the thing i like most – is that they don’t have an extra ugly, heavy ballast – its all built in.

Because I already had the mod for the strobes on the spats (see other page), and i added this to the same electrical circuit, i was able to get a free amendment to the mod from the BMAA.