PRE-Take-off Checks “CHIEFTAP”


  • Move the wing to all extremes, left and right, forward and back to ensure free and fluid movement

Harnesses and Hatch’s

  • Check Harnesses and Helmets for both Pilot and Passenger.
  • Visual check of Hatch’s on each wing and nose cone


  • Check all instruments are operational.
  • Check Temps and Pressures (T’s & P’s) are up to operational levels
  • Check Fuel level
  • Check Altimeter is set


  • Raise engine revs to approx 2,500 RPM.
  • Switch off each MAG in turn to test


  • Confirm enough fuel for both flight and allow for possible divert/go-arounds

Trim and “Tangs”

  • Set wing trim for takeoff
  • Check “Tangs” (clips that secure the front pole)
  • Visual check of Hang bolt


  • Make sure area is clear of aircraft – check no aircraft on final approach before entering runway


  • Apply power smoothly
  • Use full power on take of for power check