All About the Radio

The Radio doesn’t have to be a compulsory part of being a pilot, but it sure is a sensible one. Even if you don’t talk much, it can give you lots of information about whats going on round about you. You will be able to talk to Air Traffic Controllers, and other Aircraft, and having one could save your (or another pilot’s) life. While you are training, you will fly under the instructors licence, but there is an accreditation called the Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence (FRTOL)  Link to more information can be found HERE

When you are qualified, if you intend to use a radio while flying, you MUST have this Licence. There are also areas that using a Radio is mandatory, so its a good idea to get it. The Licence comes in 2 parts – a written (Multiple choice) exam, and a practical test where you use a simulator radio with the examiner.

If you have your own Flexwing, then the trike needs a licence to have one installed. This is a 3 year licence for a modest fee  (was £20 for 3 years at time of writing)  Installing a Radio into the flexwing requires a modification (see Flexwing Aircraft section of this site)