Automatic Terminal Information Service, or ATIS, is a continuous broadcast of recorded noncontrol aeronautical information in busier (i.e. airport) areas. ATIS broadcasts contain essential information, such as weather information, which runways are active, available approaches, and any other information required by the pilots, such as important NOTAM’s.  Pilots usually listen to an available ATIS broadcast before contacting the local control unit, in order to reduce the controllers’ workload and relieve frequency congestion.

The recording is updated in fixed intervals or when there is a significant change in the information, e.g. a change in the active runway. It is given a letter designation (e.g. bravo). The letter progresses through the alphabet with every update and starts at alpha after a break in service of 12 hours or more. When contacting the local control unit, a pilot will indicate he/she has “information <letter>”, where <letter> is the ATIS identification letter of the ATIS transmission the pilot received. This allows the ATC controller to verify whether the pilot has all the current information.



This is Schipol arrival information Kilo Indicates the broadcast is for aircraft inbound to Schipol, and the bulletin’s identification letter
Main landing runway 18 Right Main landing runway 18 Right hand circuit
Two zero zero degrees, one one knots Wind direction from 200 degrees magnetic (south-southwest), average 11 knots
Visibility 10 kilometres Visibility 10 kilometres or more
Few 1300 feet, scattered 1800 feet, broken 2200 feet Cloud layers at the indicated altitude above the airport
Temperature 15, dewpoint 13 Temperature and dewpoint in degrees Celsius
QNH 995 hectopascal QNH (barometric pressure adjusted to sea level) 995 hectopascals
No significant change No significant change in weather expected
Contact Approach and Arrival callsign only When instructed to contact the Approach and Arrival controller, check in with callsign only
End of information Kilo End of bulletin, and the bulletin’s identification letter again









Scottish Frequencies:

Dundee ATIS : 119.32
Edinburgh  ATIS: 131.35
Glasgow ATIS : 129.575