“Basic Service”

is where an air traffic controller will effectively look out for a pilot, and supply basic information on route.

Only Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) or Flight Information Service Officers (FISO) can give basic service. Ground/Air controllers cannot.

The ATC can offer advice and information and may include the following:

  • Weather information
  • Serviceability of facilities
  • Conditions of Aerodromes
  • General Airspace activity information
  • Any other information likely to affect safety

Using basic service means that an ATC/FISO knows where the pilot is at regular intervals, and can raise the alarm if the pilot stops responding, giving last known position/height/track/waypoints etc.

The ATC will instruct the pilot to tune (squawk) his transponder to a certain value for identification (if the aircraft is transponder equipped). Transponder signals will show up on Radar.