Information to transmit & receive

  • Radio Checks – to confirm that Radio is sending and receiving transmissions loud and clear
  • QNH – Is the altimeter setting for altitude above sea level (rather than height above the actual ground)
  • QFE – Is the altimeter setting for height above the local terrain (rather than altitude above the sea)
  • Joining Information – Runway in Use, QFE, QNH, possibly surrounding air traffic
  • Height, Destination, Compass Heading
  • ATC information that could affect your flight (weather, danger zones, restrictions etc)
  • Positional Reporting (Circuit) – Where in the circuit you are (crosswind/downwind/base/final)
  • Positional Reporting (Journeys) – basic service where you tell ATC your flight plan and report along route
  • Emergency Calls


Using the Radio to chat away to your fellow pilots is discouraged. Keep Radio transmissions short, informative and speak clearly. Be careful to allow a small gap after you press your transmit button, to avoid clipping your words, Similarly, make sure you have finished your sentence before you let the button go.