Time and cost

The hours quoted are minima that only the most naturally talented young students achieve. The rest of us normally take a little longer. A few achieve their licences within weeks, others take months, and those on a tight budget sometimes take a year or two.

When budgeting for flying training, it is wise to calculate the cost of the minimum number of hours required and then add between 50 and 100% of that cost, depending on how confident you feel of your own ability. Hourly rates vary depending on where the instructor flies from and what his/her overheads are.

In Britain the high cost of fuel will also add to the overall expense. Realistically, a budget of £3 – £4.5k should cover your training. It may be possible to learn for less by using your own microlight for your training. Talk to the school before you start, to get an idea of how much it is likely to cost.

Don’t forget groundschool. In addition to flying training the student pilot must also learn a number of groundschool subjects that are considered vital to becoming a safe and competent pilot. The best results are always achieved by a combination of attending lessons and private study.

The Full Syllabus can be found: HERE