I started off by learning to fly at Perth Airport. As i live in the Highlands, this was a 2 hour drive every time.  I was spoiled there because they have a wonderful set up – with the full triangle of runways – 2 of them tarred and very long (for a flex) and a mammoth hangar. All we had to do was taxi to the doors, get out an push it into place within a couple of minutes, fully rigged.

In 2021 I moved further away by about half an hour, and decided to look for something closer to home.

After a lot of searching for something suitable i was lucky to find someone selling a poly tunnel hangar online.  This is just the story of the build…

It came with tarpaulins for both ends, but we decided to build the ends with wood to give it strength to cope with the fierce Scottish weather. I also need doors to get the flex in 🙂

This hangar is 4m High, 4m Wide and 13m Long

Link to see the details of the trolley HERE


Other Options

Some of the other options i considered / investigated :

I know – a lorry shelter 🙂

but……  is it THAT much different from what i got?






I think they are well known and decent quality – but a bit too dear for me..