Hangar Trolleys

When we need to put a flexwing to bed at night, there are various different requirements  depending on where it sleeps.  When I started, my trike was kept fully rigged in a huge hangar at Perth with probably another 15 flexies amongst many other aircraft.

Trikes with bigger wings, such as a Quantum or a Blade, would be stored with 1 wing down near the ground, and the other high – this took up less space, and allowed the aircraft to be “slotted” in.

The Quik’s with a smaller wing, tended to be stored with the wings straight.

I had the luxury of just being able to push the trike in, line it up and that was it parked.

 Some hangars are different shapes, and need an alternative solution.

Find below some options and suggestions:


MY Setup

My current hanger is 4m wide, 5m high and 13m long so the trike needs to go in sideways to be stored. I have quite a rough ground outside the door of my hangar, so wee castor wheels wouldn’t work.

The theory is that trolley gets slid in from the side and lined up with the wheels.

One slight pull on the prop backwards about 6 inches and the trike is mounted. Very easy and literally takes 5 seconds.

Its not obvious, but the front plates under the wheels pivot and drop down at the front when the trike is off, creating built-in “ramps”.

Pulling the trike on lifts the plate up so it doesn’t drag along the ground when moving. Very simple, but very effective 😊

Front trolley wheel is fixed, as is the left hand wheel

The Right Hand one is steerable. This one has a clever car jack assembly to lift the whole assembly up to clear bumps. TBH I don’t need that and is probably overkill if you had a flat hangar.

Uses 10” Wheels

All made out of 700mm box section – very easy to move

Only the one wheel turns, which makes the whole thing very easy to control for me – especially on the rougher terrain outside the hangar with the 10″ wheels

Other Options

Looking at some other solutions – here are some solutions i found and also provided by fellow “flexers” 🙂

These are meant for cars, but are a cheap alternative. At time of writing, these can be purchased for £55 a pair from HERE  but a search on ebay for “Dolly Skates” brings up some options.

Another option from SGS Engineering. Cost (at time of writing) was £136 for a twin pack.

There has been some suggestion that these would need to be adjusted to fit the Flex wheels

These are HYDRAULIC so will lift the trike when in place.


If you have money to burn 🙂 then you could consider an aircraft specific solution from AeroJack at an extortionate amount of £380 EACH


A suggestion from Facebook was from HANGAR Tools. I dont know the price, but from what i read they were about £525 per pair