Radio Callsign Strathaven Traffic
Radio Type SafetyCom
OHJ Height 2000 ft
Circuit Height 1000 ft
Surface Grass
Runways 27R - 09L (530m)
23R - 05L (230m)
34L -16R (200m)
Height above MSL 847 ft
Mb Difference 28 mb
PPR Required Yes
PPR Number 07979 971301
Landing Fee £5.00
Fuel No
Food No
Hangarage By Arrangement
Notes on the runways:

Runway 27: Most pilots aim to touch down just after the threshold to enjoy the smoothest part of the runway.
Caution: touching down earlier will mean crossing the dip between the starter extension and the main runway at speed and may damage your aircraft.
Caution: If there is any southerly component to the wind, some aircraft may be using 23 as well.
Runway 09: Most pilots either aim to touch down at the threshold - the top of the boundary fence is below the threshold level - or else land long and aim to touch down at the intersection of the crosswind runways.

Runway 23: Popular with taildraggers and weightshift microlights when there is a SW component to the wind.
Caution: heavier aircraft may be using Runway 27 at the same time.
Caution: 23 runs uphill with a significant upwards slope to the fence.
Runway 05: Runs downhill and popular with taildraggers and weightshifts in NW winds.
Caution: If landing, beware of fence at threshold and downhill slope.
Caution: Larger aircraft may be using Runway 09

Runway 16: Short and runs uphill. Not recommended for take-offs. Good clear approach over lower ground if landing.
Caution: For take-offs, it is short, runs uphill and has a post and wire fence at the end. Not recommended.
Runway 34: Short and runs downhill. For departures, good clear climbout. Not recommended for landings.
Caution: For landings, it is short, runs downhill and has a post and wire fence at the threshold. Not recommended.


Non-radio aircraft use Strathaven Airfield. So keep a good lookout!
Strathaven Airfield uses safety.com - 135.475 mhz.
This is not a "ground" or "radio" service. It is not for ground-based personnel to broadcast on. Therefore, do not expect a reply.
Transmit blind to "Strathaven Traffic".