Radio Callsign Shifnal Traffic
Radio Type Microlight Frequency
OHJ Height 1500 ft
Circuit Height 500 ft
Surface Grass
Runways 18R - 36L (350m)
10L - 28R (445m)
Runway 36 down slopes towards railway cutting at last 100 metres
Height above MSL 420 ft
Mb Difference 15 mb
PPR Required Yes
PPR Number Chairman - Andy Sutton 07764 198607 Secretary - Karl Stevens 07886 358751 Treasurer - Alan Hamer 07837 079555
Landing Fee Unknown
Fuel No
Food No
Website http://www.wrekinmfc.co.uk/
Hangarage No
Intense military activity during weekdays; Airfield resides in AIAA zone. It is advised that contact be made with RAF Shawbury. Occasional military helicopter movements weekdays.
Power lines 30ft AGL crossing approach to Rwy 10. Fences 4 ft high run parallel to both runways South and East from intersection.

Call 'Shifnal traffic' on 129.825 with 5mins to run.
Join from any direction overhead runway intersection at 1500ft QFE.
Do not overfly no-fly zones below 1500ftQFE.
No deadside. No straight in approaches.
Fit into circuit pattern by heading up wind of chosen runway. Descend to circuit height of 500ft before reaching the exit gate corners. Do not overfly any dwellings.
Exit from the circuit via the NW and SW gates at no less than 1000ft.
Fuel by prior arrangement.
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