Radio Callsign Otherton Radio
Radio Type Air Ground
OHJ Height 1000 ft
Circuit Height 500 ft
Surface Grass
Runways 07R - 25L (360m)
11R - 29L (240m)
16R - 34L (310m)
Height above MSL 340 ft
Mb Difference 12 mb
PPR Required Yes
PPR Number 07973 940222
Landing Fee Unknown
Fuel By Arrangement
Food No
Hangarage No
Otherton airfield originated as RAF Penkridge in 1942. Established as the base for 28 EFTS. Many WWII pilots started their flying careers at Otherton. Their training was on Tiger Moths. It closed after WWII but the airfield reopened when the Staffordshire Aero Club made it their base in the 1980s. The club has developed the airfield ever since.

Otherton Airfield is well known as being one of the friendliest airfields in the area. It's reputation makes us a popular place for everyone, from pilots flying in for some breakfast (weekends only), to students learning to fly.