Radio Callsign Glenforsa Traffic
Radio Type SafetyCom
Circuit Height 800 ft
Surface Grass
Runways 08L - 26R (730m)
Height above MSL 15 ft
Mb Difference 1 mb
PPR Required Yes
PPR Number 01680300402
Landing Fee £10.00
Fuel No
Food Yes
Hangarage No
Runway Safety information.

The runway is a grass strip 780m x 28m 15ft amsl. Operational dawn til dusk.
The length is level but the width has a slight slope down to the sea.

Therefore we advise landing, taxing and backtracking on the higher south side of the strip.

Livestock may be on the airstrip weekdays from October 1st to April 30th. Geese may present a hazard throughout the year.

Taxiing aircraft should remain on the runway between the edge markers at all times, (except when entering or leaving the aircraft parking areas)

Turbulence can be expected on approaches with strong southerly winds.

All circuits are over the sea (north) at 800ft.

If using Runway 07 fly a curved approach from base leg inside the hill.

Windsocks are located at each of the thresholds on the sea side and one Helicopter Windsock is placed on the central south side in front of the Glenforsa hotel.

Advisory weather is available from the airfield weather webpage HERE.

Avgas and Avtur is available from TLC at Oban Airport Tel: 01631 710 888 /(Mobile 0777 062 0988)


Due to high local terrain you will not be able to make ground contact until visual with the airfield if your approach is from the east although you may hear other airborne traffic. Make a standard call on 120.800 and if you get no reply please keep any chat to a minimum. If you are approaching and still working Scottish Information on 127.275 they will require a good ETA due to poor coverage. It is advisable to QSY from them with Mull in sight when leaving Oban (in the Lismore Island lighthouse) area while you can still talk to them. If you decide to make an inspection pass then it is entirely at your discretion. Broadcast “going around” and use the sea side fence north of the runway as a fly-by line.

Landing Fees: Glenforsa Airfield is maintained by the Glenforsa Hotel and the landing fees are:

All aircraft £10.00 (there is an extra £2.50 surcharge for credit cards)

C Airfield Control is situated in The Glenforsa Hotel Please sign in on arrival.

The Airfield operator is Glenforsa Airfield Ltd.