Human Performance and Limitations Exam


#1. Maximum weekly intake of alcohol for men and women are:

Sorry – Wrong answer   Ref Page 100 Cosgrove 8th Edition

#2. Following flying in extremely cold conditions, you find your fingers are showing signs of frostbite. You should:

Sorry – Wrong answer   NHS Link

#3. Having departed the circuit from runway 02, you return and are given information to join runway 20

#4. The medical requirement for reading a car number plate  for a pilot is:

Sorry – Wrong answer   Ref Page 99 Cosgrove 8th Edition

#5. Continuing flight in very cold conditions may lead to:

Sorry – Wrong answer NHS Link

#6. If a student pilot feels that an instructor has made an incorrect assesment of a situation they should:

Sorry – Wrong answer  Ref Page 105 Cosgrove 8th Edition

#7. A runway wider than than that normally used by a pilot will give a visual impression of being:

Sorry – Wrong answer  Ref Page 101 Cosgrove 8th Edition

#8. Alcohol accelerates the effects of hypoxia:

Sorry – Wrong answer   Ref Page 97 Cosgrove 8th Edition

#9. Flying into cloud or areas of poor visibility can lead to:

Sorry – Wrong answer  Ref Page 102 Cosgrove 8th Edition

#10. Treatment for irregular blood pressure will preclude a pilot from flying:

Sorry – Wrong answer. Please see page 99 of Brian Cosgrove (8th Edition)

#11. Effective lookout is best achieved by:

Sorry – Wrong answer   Ref Page 103 Cosgrove 8th Edition

#12. If looked into a featureless sky the eyes will tend to focus on a point:

Sorry – Wrong answer   Ref Page 101 Cosgrove 8th Edition

#13. To avoid painful results due to pressure changes, it is advisable not to do which of the following:

Sorry – Wrong answer   Ref Page 98 Cosgrove 8th Edition

#14. Vertigo is:

Sorry – Wrong answer NHS Link

#15. The lack of Oxygen is known as :

Sorry – Wrong answer. Please see page 96/97 of Brian Cosgrove (8th Edition)


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