Revalidate your Pilot Licence NPPL

When you have obtained your Pilot Licence NPPL  you need to keep the rating current. Follow this link to the BMAA for the official documentation.

Brief Summary

Every 24 months a pilot needs to revalidate his licence.

To maintain your NPPL rating in this 24 months, the pilot must do the following:

    1. Fly a minimum of 12 hours in your two year rating validation period and logged in your personal pilot log book.
    2. Fly at least 6 of these 12 hours in the second year of your two year rating validation period.
    3. At least 12 take offs and 12 landings in the 2 year period
    4. Fly for 1 hour with an instructor ANYTIME in the two year validation period.
    5. Have an examiner review your logbook and sign the rating validation page of your licence BEFORE the rating expiry date .
    6. The Certificate of Revalidation is valid until the end of the month in which it is issued and then for a further 24 months.

    Failure to do the above BEFORE the rating expiry date requires re-sitting the GST.

    Note: Don’t wait to the last day of validity. You may have an examiner sign your licence up to three months before the rating expiry date provided items 1,2, & 3 are satisfied and it will be dated per your rating anniversary date.