Radio Callsign Long Bennington Traffic
Radio Type Air Ground
OHJ Height 2500 ft
Circuit Height 1000 ft
Surface Grass
Runways 10 - 28 (418m)
01 - 19 (210m)
Height above MSL 115 ft
Mb Difference 4 mb
PPR Required Yes
PPR Number 07724609221
Landing Fee Unknown
Fuel No
Food No
Hangarage No
Foston Unlicensed Airfield
Mark Sears & Paul Wilcox
PPR.. 07724609221 / 01623844478 Mark
07981758214 Paul
ATC RAF Barkston Heath 01400 230502

Foston unlicensed airfield has been in use for over 20 years a very good smooth 418m grass strip east west and an emergency north south 210m runway with ditch at the end of 01 this is being increased to 340m in 2018 there is a local petrol station on the A1 within walking distance & outside CO-2 fire extinguishers and first aid equipment if assistance is required there are 3 emergency numbers for the operators the airfield in genuine emergency the location is chapel lane Grantham NG32 2JZ Foston mostly manned at the weekends in summer all aviators are welcome there is 24 hour cctv surveillance calling ahead is advised as we are next to RAF Barkston Heath you can also call Barkston ATC on number provided we are happy to assist with any problems Do not over fly Foston village Barkston Heath pan handle extends from surface to 3000ft AGL do not overfly equestrian centre 1nm SE this is a military low flying area LFA 11 and we are 3nm south of Hougham Airfield we strongly advise you call Waddington LARS 119.500 especially in the week this area is very active with military traffic.