Radio Callsign Fenland Radio
Radio Type Air Ground
OHJ Height 2000 ft
Circuit Height 1000 ft
Surface Grass
Runways 18R - 36L (594m)
08R - 26L (670m)
Height above MSL 6 ft
Mb Difference 0 mb
PPR Required Yes
PPR Number 01406 540330
Landing Fee £5.00
Fuel Avgas/Mogas
Food No
Hangarage No
Restaurant (Wed-Sun)
AD is in a low flying military training area. All aircraft movements confined to marked grass strips and runway. Caution - Runway 08-26 may appear longer from the air than the actual useable length indicated on the charts. Beware of Drainage channels close to AD.

IMPORTANT – all landing traffic on RW18/36 must vacate onto the western taxiway to backtrack parking or fuel (as eastern taxiway too narrow and therefore unsafe for taxiing aircraft as well as landing / departing traffic).