Ex 4. Effects of Controls

Aim: To understand how each control affects the aircraft in flight.


  • The importance of maintaining a good lookout

Methods of assessing aircraft attitude:

  • The horizon
  • Hands-off trim
  • ‘Feel’ of wind on face

Primary effects of controls:

Further effects of controls:

Effects of airspeed, slipstream, and torque on control response:

Effects of trim:

  • Hands-off trim
  • In flight adjustable trim (where applicable)

Effects of Flap; (where applicable):

  • Effect at different positions
  • Change in pitch attitude with flap
  • Remaining within flap operational limiting speed

Use of other controls for increasing Rate of Descent (where applicable):

  • Airbrakes
  • Spoilers
  • Tip draggers

Use of other controls as applicable to type:

  • Mixture control
  • Carburettor heat
  • Cabin heat and ventilation