Ex 14. Advanced turning (up to 60 Degree bank angles)


To carry out a coordinated level turn at steep angles of bank and to recognise and recover from a spiral dive. Also entry and recovery from, and uses of a sideslipping turn (if applicable to type).


  • Importance of lookout
  • Importance of maintaining orientation
  • Cockpit checks

360° turns: (up to 45° bank angle)

  • Level / Climbing / Descending
  • Wake turbulence

Steep level-turns (up to 60° bank angle):

  • Co-ordination
  • Use of power
  • Weightshift aircraft – 270° turns only, to avoid own wake turbulence and possible student disorientation due to being forced into an unusual or dangerous attitude

The spiral dive:

  • If power applied – reduce
  • Recovery by use of roll and then pitch

The sideslipping turn:

  • Uses of