Ex 11. Spin awareness (if applicable)


To understand and recognise the onset of situations which may lead to an inadvertent spin, and to learn how to instinctively take the necessary control actions to effect a recovery back to normal flight condition before a spin occurs, i.e. to recover the incipient stage


  • Special attention to lookout – clearing turn to check rear
  • Checks to ensure safe operation through exercise ie: height/location etc

Causes of spin:

Recognition of Incipient spin:

  • Recovery from the incipient spin:
  • Use of controls
  • Danger of using ailerons at the incipient stage
  • Effect of power and flap (flap restriction as applicable to type)
  • Effect of centre of gravity on spin
  • Recovery at the incipient stage from various attitudes and configurations


Standard required at end of phase 2

Prior to circuit training, ability to control aircraft safely in slow flight just above the stall (Vs + 2mph) and able to recover to normal flight at incipient stall stage. Prior to solo flight, a very high standard of competence at recovering safely from fully developed stall and demonstrable ability to prevent aircraft getting into dangerous attitudes from all stall/spin-and-recovery manoeuvres.