Ex 10a. Slow flight. (Vs + 2mph and Vs + 5mph)


To become familiar with the ‘feel’ of the aircraft in slow flight just above the stallspeed, and to recognise the symptoms of the incipient stall, and to restore aircraft to safe flight before the stall occurs


  • Lookout
  • Checks to ensure safe operation through exercise ie: height/location etc

Characteristics of slow speed flight:

  • Control response
  • Effect of slipstream and torque (where applicable)
  • Angle of attack (high nose attitude for 3-Axis aircraft)
  • Angle of attack (control bar well forward of hands-off position for weightshift aircraft)
  • Wing dropping tendencies and difficulty in maintaining wings level
  • Extra emphasis on need to keep 3-axis aircraft in balance with use of rudder
  • Extra emphasis on need for careful use of roll control
  • Need for extra care when turning i.e. shallow angles of bank