ICAO: none
Radio Callsign: Dornoch Traffic
Radio Type: SafetyCom
Radio Frequency: 135.475
Height above MSL: 0
Mb Difference: 0
OHJ Height: 2000 ft
Circuit Height: 1000 ft
Runway Surface: Grass
Runway(s): 10 - 28 (775m)
PPR Required : Yes
PPR Number: 01408 623400
Landing Fee: Unknown
Fuel: No
Food : No
Website :
Hangarage: No
Dornoch is located within D703 active weekdays and weekends over the land areas to 5000ft, before arrival and departure contact Tain Range 122.750
Warning, there are many dog walkers in the area that often use Dornoch Airstrip, dogs and walkers without leads are likely to be on the runway, suggest low pass before a circuit to land.