Darley Moor
Radio Callsign Darley Moor Traffic
Radio Type SafetyCom
OHJ Height 1500 ft
Circuit Height 800 ft
Surface Both Grass and Tarmac
Runways 01L - 19R (650m) (grass)
01L - 19R (650m) (concrete)
17R - 35L (510m) (grass)
03L - 21R (630m) (grass)

Height above MSL 580 ft
Mb Difference 21 mb
PPR Required Yes
PPR Number 01335 344308
Landing Fee Unknown
Fuel By Arrangement
Food Yes
Hangarage Yes
Dead side to the east of the airfield plus other no-fly zones (Joining procedures must be read)

Watch out for paragliders, hang gliders and microlight aircraft which will be in the area most flyable days.
You MUST read the joining instructions (Site map, visual and written procedures) below and PPR is required (01335 344308).
See website for Darley Moor circuit procedures andClub Flying Orders