Pegasus Quik 912 UL
508 Airframe Hours
543 Engine Hours
Excellent Condition – well looked after – no expense spared
65ltr Tank with new sender unit and pickup (Signed off)
A6 8.33 Mhz Radio
Microavionics Radio Interface for A6
Wireless PTT
Stone Catcher
Strobes on Spats
Strobe Landing light
New styleWindscreen (signed off)
All Mods Signed off
Well Serviced
Permit till December 2020
Hudl2 Satnav with Ram Mounts (Skydemon subscription by agreement)
All Fuel Hoses replaced
All Coolant Hoses and Radiator replaced
Last full Wing strip was in May 2014
Recent Nikwax

Aircraft originally had a 912s engine – which was replaced with a 912 UL in 2014 – History available.
All Details have been registered on G-INFO
Engine Registered on Rotax Database

All receipts and records available.

** There is more to add to this list, but all the log books are at the airfield and i don’t have access to them (I live over 100 miles away), so this page is well out of date. I will update as soon as i get the details.

Permitted till December 2020 – no hours flown since permit just because of the shitty weather 🙁 


Jan 2016 – New Short Exhaust pipes replaced
Feb 2016 – Full 200 Hours Service
December 2016 – 100 Hours Service
All Fuel and Coolant hoses replaced at last service
July 2017 – 2 x EGT Sensors replaced
July 2017 – New P & M Radiator

New Wheel/Drum from P&M


Feb 2016
Wing Baton Reprofile
Stone catcher (P&M)
65 ltr Fuel Tank
New pickup and fuel sender (P&M)
New Strobes on Spats
New LED Landing light / strobe
Feb 2017
King Post Ariel fitted
March 2017
New Hangbolt

Mods signed off:

New style Windscreen (M158)
Radio (TIL101)
Stone catcher (M217)
Strobes (side and front) (TIL106)
65 ltr Tank (M130)
GPS (M109)
Aux Power (TIL107)

Service Bulletins:
SB 114 (kingpost base mod
SB 116 (Top Knuckle rivets)
SB 117 (Hang bolt bush)
SB 132(Pylon Bush)
SB 139 (split pins)
SB 142 (Luff line Webbing)
SB 143 (Hang Bolt)
SB 144(Split Pins)
SB 146 (Hang bolt)