Flexwing Scotland

First of all, back in March 2014, I went for a taster flight with Bill Davis at Perth airport, with no previous experience with any type of flying. I was given the chance of trying Flexwing or Fixed wing. Because flexwing is the cheapest way to fly my own aircraft, I therefore opted for the flex.
After the 1 hour flight, I was hooked, and 14 months later, I passed my GST.  I still fly from Perth, where there is a healthy club, and a busy airport with the full 6 runways. Perth has ground radio, with gyros, flexwing /fixed wing, GA and helicopter training all operating. Perth is also a heli-med base for the SCAA

As the hobby progressed i found myself asking loads of questions, and just for fun I created this Flexwing Scotland website to collate all the information I found, and to try and record the answers to the questions i asked myself.

When i started my cross country flights to other airfields, I found it useful to create a list of all the Airfields that i have found in Scotland. For my own benefit, i created “knee cards”  for airfields that i have (or intend to) visit. I laminate them and keep in my flying suit leg pocket for quick reference. These are available as downloads if they help, along with the checklists.

Hopefully you will find this Flexwing Scotland site helpful.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything wrong or missing.