Ex 2. Preparation for flight and Action after flight


Aim: To understand how to prepare the aircraft and pilot for flight, and to leave the aircraft after flight.

Airfield Rules/Procedure/Safety:

  • Standing orders
  • Booking out/in
  • Windsock
  • Signals square
  • Fuel storage
  • Fire extinguisher/s
  • Smoking

Student Comfort:

  • Seating position
  • Suitable clothing for conditions expected

Flight Authorisation and aircraft acceptance:

  • Pre-flight planning
  • Aircraft documentation
  • Air traffic control information
  • Personal equipment

Pre-flight checks:

  • Use of manufacturer’s check list or mnemonic
  • Explanation of extra items to check if aircraft just rigged
  • External checks:
  • Position of aircraft suitable for starting
  • Fire extinguisher is available
  • Taxi path is unobstructed

Starting and warming up engine:

  • Pre-start checks
  • Stages and controls involved
  • Signals that may be used

Pre-Takeoff checks:

  • Use of manufacturer’s checklist or suitable mnemonic
  • Importance of this check (vital actions)

Running down and switching off:

  • Stages and controls involved

Leaving the aircraft:

  • Suitably parked/picketed
  • Controls locked or restrained
  • Brief external check

Completion of post-flight documentation:

  • Booking in
  • Reporting of defects
  • Entries in personal flight log
  • Entries in Airframe/Engine log